Choosing The Right Hog Roast Oven

A hog roast oven is a ideal for anyone who hosts hog roasts such as charity foundation events, large family dinners or holidays, caterers, festivals, or fairs. A large number of guests and a frequent need make hog roast ovens the most cost-effective aid. But which hog roaster is right for you?

Depending on whether you are a hog roast caterer, a restaurant supplier or owner, or whether you are just looking for something that can handle your hog roasts, we have drawn up a list of three of our top choices for hog roast ovens. Listed are their individual features, how they are best used, and how they can go to work for you.

The Three Top Hog Roast Ovens

Hog King Hog Master Pro Hog Roast Machine HM005

This space-saving roast oven is ideal for homes and restaurants and can roast a chicken or beef as well. The visibility makes it ideal for theatre cooking such as in beer gardens, terraces, fairs, or an outdoor home event. This oven can cook a 30-kilo pig without incident and has multiple kits available for BBQ cooking. It is made of stainless steel and comes with a warranty of one year. Additional roast or BBQ kits are available for purchase in accordance with your needs and preferences.

Titan Spit Roast Machine

If theatre cooking is what you’re after, the Titan Spit Roast Machine may be the ideal choice. Equipped with a glass viewing panel, spit tray, and fully rotational axle, this roaster is ideal for catering as it can hold a 65-kilo pig, a lamb, and even a large turkey. The spit is either motor- or hand-operable and has fully controllable stainless steel burners. This roast was designed for professional caterers and offers training and assembly as well as the option to lease purchase. Available for additional purchase are the BBQ kit and chicken cooking tray which allows up to 36 chickens to roast simultaneously.

Fir Tree Pig Roaster

This roaster oven is great for a large event as it can also cook up to 20 chickens with the chicken basket attachment. The side viewing window is optional, depending on your visibility preferences, and the oven comes with a lift-off front and back panel for carving as well. It is propane-operated and also comes with a spit rod, prongs, and fixings. The website also offers a monthly payment plan and the oven comes with a one year warranty.

A word on hog roast hire

Buying one of these hog roast ovens may be a great investment if you regularly provide or host a hog roast. Should your hog roast needs not be so frequent then you may wish to consider hire. Many local suppliers will allow you to hire hog roast equipment for a small fee, they can also provide a demonstration of how to use the equipment and some will even provide a full hog with the hire. Consider how often you’re likely to host a hog roast to determine whether investment in your own is needed.

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